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    Tangshan Chengming 

    New-energy Technology Co., Ltd.

    Large section steel roll

    Maximum diameter of large profile steel roll: 1400mm

    Maximum length: 8M

    Maximum net weight: 40 tons

    Roller material and application scope

    About us

    Tangshan Chengming New-energy Technology Co., Ltd.is factory specialized in manufacturing cast steel rollers and centrifugal composite casting roll collar, located in China EMU city industrial park in Tangshan city. The company has a previous name is Tangshan Kunfeng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. It is a important manufacturing base in China specialized in manufacturing rollers for section mills and rollers for exporting. Our company has become a supplier of China nuclear power group co., LTD.

    We have 20ton electric-arc furnace 1 set, 12ton intermediate frequency furnace 3 sets, 5ton intermediate frequency furnace 1 set, 2ton intermediate frequency furnace 1 set, 60-100ton electric heat-treatment furnace 10 sets, machining equipment more than 60 sets, centrifugal casting equipment 2 sets and professional spray quenching equipment. We also have a complete quality detection system. Annual producing capacity is 20,000 tons.

    Company technical team have successfully established the complete production process of centrifugal composite casting technology in the late 20th century, that is the first in China. Leading the company to become a leading production enterprise in China casting industry.

    We have received ISO9000 certificate. As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service, we have gained a global sales network reaching the United States, Europe, Japan and southeast Asia.

    Engineering field

    Railway Sector

    Automobile field

    Steel field

    Industrial sector

    Real estate sector



    • Successful production of xtcr3a......

      Successful production of xtcr3a......

      Recently, Hebei Iron and Steel Group Handan Iron and steel company has successfully produced more than xtcr3a300 tons of alloy billet for roll. The product quality has been fully recognized by famous roll manufacturers in China.






    Business Consulting Hotline

    135 8287 7299


    AddressYingchengpu Zhen Dong Mazhuang Cun, Fengrun District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province (office building of Jingrong Key Technology Co., Ltd.)


    Mobile station

    Official account

    Technical Support І“ | Admin Login
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